Following the cancellation of the planned 2022 Tour to visit the Volga German colonies in Russia, we were asked to put together a tour to visit the ancestral German villages from which they moved in the 1760s.

These are the tours now offered by Volga German Tours for 2022.

Both tours begin and end at the Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) in Germany. Airfare to Germany is not included in the tours.

The tours are open to the public and will be led by Drs. Brent Mai and Mila Koretnikov.

Main Tour to Germany 2022

The Main Tour (July 30 – August 11) will visit sites of significance to the history of the Volga Germans. It will begin and end at the Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) in Germany. We will visit the German villages from which the Volga Germans immigrated to Russia in the 1760s. The itinerary will be tailored to visit the villages of interest to those who are on the tour.  In addition, we will visit Büdingen (epicenter of the Volga German migration), visit with Volga Germans in Nürnberg who recently arrived from Russia, visit the medieval city of Rothenburg, experience Hessenpark (much like Williamsburg for Germans), tour the port city of Lübeck from which most Volga Germans left for Russia, explore the Danish colonies where many had moved before they left for Russia, and tour the emigration museum in Hamburg from which many Volga Germans sailed for North and South America. We will also stop at the holocaust museum at Bergen-Belsen where Anne Frank and her sister died.

Supplemental Tour in Germany 2022

A Supplemental Tour (August 11 – 14) will visit popular tourist sites in Germany. It also will begin and end at the Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) in Germany. We will visit Neuschwanstein (the “Disney castle”) & Hohenschwangau, Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, the castle in Heidelberg, the beer gardens and cathedrals of Munich along with the BMW museum and the Olympicpark (site of the 1972 Olympics), and Ulmer Münster (the cathedral in Ulm with the tallest church tower in the world).

Formerly Planned Tour to Russia in 2022

28 February 2022: Due to current political/military turmoil, it is with great sadness that cancelled the 2022 tour to the Volga German colonies. Those on the waiting list for the 2022 tour will be moved to a list of “right of first refusal” for a 2023 tour – should the situation improve to the point where we feel it is safe to make such a trip.

To be added to the waiting list for the 2023 tour to Russia (without obligation), please contact Dr. Brent Mai at brentmai@volgagermantours.com (telephone: 971.322.8124).

Since 2016, we have taken eleven groups (almost 250 people) on tours to the Volga German colonies in Russia. Read the testimonials from some of those participants. The 2022 tour will be the first one we have taken to Germany.

Questions about the tours should be directed to Brent Mai at: