To-date, Volga German Tours has taken 11 groups to the former Volga German colonies.  2022 marks the first year that we have taken a tour to Germany, so these testimonials refer to the tours to the Volga German colonies in previous years:

“This was truly the most well planned, well organized, well curated, focused, and personal trip that I have ever taken. I have been telling people that this trip was like a Disney ride – as soon as you are done, you want to get back in line!”

              George (Naperville, Ill.)

“It was way beyond our expectations in both the depth of information and the careful planning which made what could have been an ordeal into an adventure! Thanks for helping us to bring our heritage into clearer focus!”

              Cathlynn & Paul (Santa Fe, N.M.)

“Thank you very much for the wonderful experience in Russia. [We] had a really enjoyable (and educational!) time.”

              Fred (St. Louis, Mo.)

“A constant stream of education, experience, and insight for us almost every waking minute of the tour.”

              Diane (Georgetown, Tex.)

“[Brent] and the rest of the team made the heat and bumpy roads only a slight inconvenience and a fading memory now that we’re home!  I’m so very grateful to all of you for a true once-in-a-lifetime experience of visiting the area of my ancestors. I truly appreciate all your hard work because I know that ‘well-oiled’ a machine doesn’t happen without lots of prior and behind-the-scenes effort!”

Marlene (Austin, Tex.)

“…it is SOOO worth it.  Every aspect of our 2016 tour was valuable, from villages to museums to countryside and home visits. You all gave us an experience of a lifetime. Perfect arrangements with terrific guides and options.”

Ruth & Mike (Davis, Calif.)

It was the trip of a lifetime, an inspirational and informative bucket list item. I encourage everyone with Volga German roots to go on this tour!

Kathy (Schertz, Tex.)

“My favorite times were when we visited the occupied home with the cold root cellar, the graveyard with the crypts, attending liturgy with the beautiful chanting in the Saratov and the Kamyshin Orthodox churches, getting blown away by the “call to the motherland” statue in Volgograd, the German Cultural Center and the archives in Engels, the incredibly warm welcome in Stephan, breakfast, dinner and games at the dacha, lunch and dinner everywhere, and on and on. … Thanks so much for everything! Great tour! Great staff!”

Kim & John (San Diego, Calif.)

“Thanks again for a fantastically adventurous and enlightening trip!”

Tyler (San Francisco, Calif.)

“…had a great time on this tour. Two of the main reasons are the terrific people on the tour and our top notch tour guides and staff.”

Nancy & Bob (Edina, Minn.)

“It was such a wonderful trip.  Thanks again for being an awesome guide.”

Vicki (Atkinson, Neb.)

“Thanks for the wonderful tour.  We will never forget the trip; memories for a lifetime!”

Sydney (Portland, Ore.)

“I just wanted to thank you so very much for arranging the Volga German Tours, 2016!  I gained so much from my experiences; you will never know the impact on my life.  It was truly the trip of a lifetime! “

Mary Ann (Kingsburg, Calif.)

“Really worthwhile trip.  Thanks for bringing it about.  And for being such a knowledgeable and helpful — and even-tempered – guide.  And Mila and Sergey were tops also.”

Ron (Shawnee Mission, Kans.)

“Thank you again for organizing a truly amazing tour.  It was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Mike (Overland Park, Kans.)

“I had a wonderful time. It was certainly the experience of a lifetime.”

Marcy (Tacoma, Wash.)

“Thanks – a very wonderful experience!”

Barbara & Vern (Northfield, Minn.)

“I would like to thank [Brent], Mila and known and unknown helpers in setting up and running a great tour.  I certainly appreciated it.”

Robert (Ottawa, Ont.)

“I have been thinking about [Brent] and the rest of the crew for the past week.  I hope your second week was as meaningful as the first was for us.”

Bob (Palo Cedro, Calif.)

We loved our trip to the Volga colonies this summer. We highly recommend it.

Dave & Irene (Benton, Kans.)

“Thank you again for a wonderful experience.”

Hank (Scottsbluff, Neb.)

“Thanks for a great trip.”

Leotagail & Gordon (Seattle, Wash.)

“Thanks for the memories!”

Cheryl (McLean, Virginia)