Air Transportation

Air Travel. Air transportation will be provided by an IATA/ARC air carrier or other scheduled jet carrier, in economy class, with flights and air routings at the discretion of the air carriers.

Airports. Each tour will depart from & return to JFK International Airport in New York City direct to Moscow. We will arrive at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO). You will be responsible for making your own arrangements to get to JFK in time to pick up your luggage and re-check it on the flight to Russia. [There are three airports in the New York City area, so make sure your connecting flight takes you to JFK and not one of the others.]

Customs. On the flight to Russia, you will most likely go through customs in Moscow. On the return flight, you will go through customs at JFK Airport in New York City.

Baggage. Airlines may charge baggage fees for checked luggage based on the policy of each carrier. The maximum number of pieces of luggage, the weight allowance and baggage dimensions vary by airline from the USA to overseas destinations and beyond. It is the responsibility of each passenger to check with the airline prior to departure for baggage information, regulations, and compliance. Volga German Tours is not responsible for additional fees imposed by air carriers regarding baggage. Volga German Tours accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to the tour participants’ baggage or personal belongings at any time. At all times, each tour participant will be responsible for portage of his/her own luggage.

Seating Assignments. Requested seat assignments on airline flights will be attempted, but are not guaranteed. TSA rules require that you sit in your assigned seat for take-off.

Airline Meals. You must request special meals through the airlines directly. Once we receive confirmation of our reservations, you will be notified, and you can take care of these requests on your own.

Limitation of Liability for Air Travel: Volga German Tours is not responsible if an airline cancels, reschedules, or delays a flight for any reason. Volga German Tours is not responsible for and will not provide any refund for portions of trips missed due to cancelled, rescheduled, or delayed flights by any carrier. It is recommended that you acquire trip cancellation insurance at your own expense.